[Data/SDK Proposal 1] Make Beacons Opt-out rather than Opt-in by default

Make Beacons Opt-out rather than Opt-in


The current beacon on the SDK leans towards an Opt-in flow where users do not need to include beacons by default. This was chosen as we wanted to lean towards being less invasive. However, this results in most spaces not adopting the beacon which makes it difficult to price spaces or program bots to bid on spaces automatically. A valuable strategy for bidding bots is to optimize for both CPC and CPM but these strategies cannot be adopted across all spaces due to the lack of data


Under integrations, the default flow integration flow should adopt beacons first instead of the no beacon option. In v2 beacons, users might need to under go some kind of registration flow. In that case, this registration flow will be in the default on-boarding flow.

Users have the ability to deactivate beacons afterwards as a side option.


If beacons are made opt-in, there will be more data collected and this would allow for better space pricing estimation and a variety of bots to automate the marketplace. This will increase liquidity and increase convenience of advertisers (buyers). Publishers (sellers) will be better able to find the optimal prices of their spaces and not over price resulting in lowered rate of sales. The added data is an incentive for people to bid on, as there’s an expectation of traffic versus and unknown one.

The added beacon data can increase the scope of data products that Zesty would be able to offer beyond just the marketplace. This can lead to much more value being created than just the current marketplace. Some other products that could be developed are a Metaverse Map of places to go to, where are people hanging out at.


Making beacons opt-in can be invasive, however, the data being tracked is click count as well as load/view counts. The data is anonymous and would not contravene with GDPR. There will be a need to clarify this during on-boarding.

Another downside about having beacons on is that traffic data for an experience will be made public. This might not be ideal for creators who don’t want the traffic data to be public.


Additional Clarifications
Make Beacons Opt-in: Beacons are not added by default
Make Beacons Opt-out: Beacons are added by default

  • Make Beacons Opt In
  • Make Beacons Opt Out

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If the beacons are so core to the experience I think they should be opt-out by default.
Of course try to warn about this as much as u can.

That said, I recall that you said something about having the beacon activated on multiple zesty instances, and it being an issue or something, ring a bell?

For your last point, quoting something that @Srile mentioned in the Zesty Discord:

So that if 2 spaces are used, only one load beacon event will be registered