[Haven Proposal 1] Improvements for Haven

–>Support for cross-platform

  • Optimising controls for making haven accessible and explorable from phone (with the help of device orientation)
  • Optimising controls for exploration for google cardboard / related mobile based VR headsets ( quite different from quest )

–>Adding AR for phones

  • Adding additional AR button with navigation can simulate 6 dof inside phone without any headset

–>Adding Y restrict for player

  • Rather than making player movable in the entire 3d space , restricting the player movement in Y-axis can provide the user a sense of gravity.

–>Restricting the player movement in the desired region.

  • There is a possibilty for the user to wander far off from the focused region, which is sometimes unwanted.So restricting the player movement inside the desired area can focus the player’s attention to the content

Could work on these features on 20$/hr basis.
Estimated to complete the feature integration in 10 hours

→ Benifits

  • Widens the user group to a bigger category
  • Better user experience

Successfully merged work with the haven main branch
Completed work in 10 hours.
Wallet address : 0x458f0fa0033c84d2958743e351ecccece4683b5f
(binance / usdc / matic polygon )

features added :

Added Virtual Joystick for mobile
Changed framework , to support AR
I tap locomotion for cardboard and AR ( press and hold 1sec)
Incremental speed on pc ( when pressing shift)
Disabled controller mesh and related meshes on AR ,cardboard mobile and PC sessions
Restricted player vertical movement
World’s boundary is set to restrict player movement outside it
Added inVR teleportation
Added Full screen button
360 view toggle for device orientation feature

Hey @nstcg, this is the SafeTxHash: 0xf40db1349834eb04251071c79a965d21c0e89bd952fa79fbe9b48b2a54668bb8

Will share with you the tx hash once executed.

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