Making Proposals

Zesty Governance Forum Proposal Format:

Follow the proposal format to make proposals on Zesty. The format is meant to help facilitate proposal creation and to provide a better structure for people to understand what changes would entail.

  1. Summary (optional, if the proposal is short) - 3-4 sentences on what the proposal is about and what changes are being suggested without going into deep detail.

  2. Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the proposal, the problem(s) it solves and/or the value it adds.

  3. Specification - Specify details regarding the proposal.
    If the specification is technical, do provide clear technical diagrams, code snippets, or pseudocode where applicable.
    If the specification is social and dealing with the community, provide possible frameworks and mental models for voters to think about. Where applicable provide images and media to help substantiate and provide more details.

  4. Benefits - Point out any important benefits of the proposal implementation and how it will affect the Zesty.

  5. Drawbacks - Highlight any possible drawbacks from implementing the proposal and points to consider. Providing drawbacks does not defeat a proposal but provides possible risks and concerns for other voters.

  6. Vote - Clearly outline what voting “For” and “Against” entails. Please also include a forum poll directly under this post.