Open Metaverse Builders - OMB DAO - thoughts

When I first got introduced to Zesty not even 6 months ago, Zesty was all about the marketplace, buying and selling ads, on twitch and WebXR. It was soon defined that twitch services won’t survive because streamers are dynamic entities and without a fix streaming schedule, they can’t foresee when they will be online, because of this can’t efficiently set up advertisements. This funnel for Zesty was not promising, however, the general idea was good and is still good. The service is working. With greater coordination and management efforts if we find demand from advertisers who would want to have ads on twitch we could offer them our streamers in a package for a set of time and a set of prices. But still, it would be troublesome, as the advertiser would need to manually bid every time for those spaces, and we would have to discuss with the streamers not the specifics but some minor details for how much should they set up ads… and frankly, that’s not the point. Zesty Marketplace should be a free flow of continuous selling and buying. So we left behind this funnel, which imo was a good decision.

On the contrary with virtual space holders, they don’t have to be “online” at the specified time, their games are 24/7 online and are flexible in this way, the best what they can do is set up for the whole month and ready to go. We see this on Florians construct arcade games, that it generated quickly enough $6k which is let’s be honest, not bad, taken into consideration that imo the ad spaces are undervalued for how much traffic is being generated weekly. Barista Express has 11k impressions and 1k clicks (rounded up) weekly. I’m not a marketing expert but from an advertisement point, we could estimate that an ad space there for a week could easily go for $100-150 based on the click, cuz that’s the ROI right? 100 click $10 evaluation and I didn’t even take into consideration the impressions. Space owners with this info and estimation could just have an automated space creation and would be set for months, the only thing that they would need to do, is to approve campaigns, that shouldn’t be automated, because of the nature of the advertisements, and if they find it offensive, they should have a saying do they want it in their spaces or not.

Thoughts on the automated bot, from the bidder side, maybe it’s not just if the bot is only taking into consideration the $amount of a space, cuz it’s not all the same $10 for a day / 3 days / 1week and with how many impressions and clicks. From the advertisers’ point of view, he would like to get as many impressions and clicks as possible, so if there is a way to program the auto bidding bot to take into consideration not only the min $ but the impressions and clicks, that would be more beneficial for them, and also for us in the long term.

So now that there have been new funnels unlocked and explored by Zesty I can totally understand Florian and other WebXR developers that they wouldn’t want to stop everything that they have experience and success with, and we as Zesty should keep this marketplace segment open, as we can agree that WebXR is going to be in some form the fundamentals of the metaverse, it’s just not quite there yet, (even before the touch screen smartphones, they were keypad cellphones, land phones, telegram machines) just look at cryptovoxels, and other popular land projects like sand or mana, they are both making hard efforts to transition into VR, because they also know this. The WebXR space and marketplace can work as its own segment and could work independently in Zesty. It is working, generating revenue, but if we stay only with this segment I don’t foresee that we will be hitting our goal of $100k revenue generated by the end of this year, the supply and demand on this market segment for Zesty is not high enough, yet. ZestyWebXR subDAO could be a place to group this. This should be the first pillar. Scalable, developable.
Nevertheless, we have a community of WebXR developers who are builders and if Zesty could secure demand with the new funnels they could contribute whilst doing their main focus in WebXR. (thinking here some of the work can be the same with 3D modeling, right?)

Back to chronological order, we have beacons. That technology is revolutionary for the metaverse spaces, as there is no other way for virtual space holders to get an idea of how much traffic is being made on their spaces, and by providing these statistics to individuals they can estimate better prices for their ad spaces not to say to their overall land price. So much more could be done just by providing it to individuals, with mass adoption for land projects, we can provide heatmaps, neighborhood statistics, overall comparisons, heck idk this, but maybe these beacons let’s say that could count how many party drinks have been served at the bar if someone would want to know that. So beacons are another fundamental pillar of Zesty imo that is scalable and can be the framework for analysis, reference for land and asset trading.

Open Metaverse Builders DAO - the name (for me) represents an organization, a guild of skilled people who have experience in building virtual assets in the metaverse. “Metaverse” real estate thinking about again at cryptovoxels, sand and mana, probably the most known one, have experienced in the last year huge amounts of money invested money being poured into them, buying up parcels from individuals who have the money but no experience in building. If we want to open up a new funnel for Zesty this would be the next big thing, we acquire talent within the OMB DAO specifically for this reason and we secure the supply side. With efforts, we acquire demand from meta landowners securing jobs for our builders to build out experiences for them, and we can immediately offer them our other services on the marketplace with advertisements, and with the beacon technology. This funnel for revenue generation for Zesty and for involved builders would be a lot higher imo even from the first couple of projects than what Zesty Marketplace has done so far. So definitely an area that we should step in. Economically how the DAO can secure funds for themselves is that the sum of the contracted amount would be split into a percentage, from where let’s say 70% would be paid out for the builders in “cash” and the remaining amount would go into the treasury and for that, the builders would get governance tokens. I’m not a token expert I’m just thinking out loud. And this would be the 3rd pillar that is connected with Zesty, and our services should not be depleted here.

With beacons we could provide weekly, monthly analytics for our users on different metrics, come up with realistic prices to land, advertisements based on traffic, generate reports, etc…

I believe it’s looking good. We have already a bunch of talented people in our community who are active builders and thinkers who can make this happen. And the talent acquisition can be grouped into subDAOs.